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ABRA Software is a founding partner of the National Center of Industry 4.0. In its Testbed, companies can simulate the application of technologies in a virtual environment and avoid high costs when deployed in real practice.

The ABRA Gen is used as a backbone ERP system that connects and unifies individual software solutions in Testbed and enables advanced communication with the customer in the manufacturing process.

Testbed for Industry 4.0 offers

  • Testing environment for innovative solutions of smart companies and their sub-processes.
  • Flexible production line combining various technologies including automated warehouses or robotic handling.
  • The emergence of so-called Digital twins instead of expensive prototypes.
  • Interconnection of production technologies and sophisticated control systems.
  • Save time and cost in manufacturing, optimizing operations and procedures.

How the customer communicates with the production in Testbed

Request entry

The customer will enter the requirement for the product according to its own specification in the customer B2C portal developed to measure in the ABRA Software and immediately see how the product looks and how much it would cost. The contract is forwarded to the backbone information system of the ABRA gene.

ABRA Gen directly sends the customer in email and SMS:

  • Order Confirmation
  • Check availability and draft delivery date
  • Agreement with delivery date
  • Confirmation of order acceptance into production (ABRA Gen directly communicates with Siemens platform Teamcenter)
  • Production Progress Information

Obtaining the finished product

The customer will receive a finished virtual product assembled according to its requirements. It also receives a virtual invoice that is stored in the ABRA Gen information system at the same time as other documents.

How Information system ABRA Gen works in Testbed

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