The new version 15.11.06 CZ, EN, DE of products ABRA G3 and G4 has been released

6. 11. 2015

As a part of the standard licensing support, ABRA is launching a new version of the information system.

The most important changes in the new version:


  • Performed an update of the reduction limits for calculating the income compensation for sick leave starting January 1st, 2016
  • Incorporation of new minimum rates and guaranteed wage in force starting 2016
  • Performed an update of the assessment base for a person, for whom the payer ZP becomes effective starting January 1st, 2016


  • Automatic pricing, after the conclusion of the order, now internally counts everything (material and labor).
  • If you created the receipt of the finished goods in a currency other than the local, it will cause an inaccurate calculation of stock prices in the local currency.
  • A new report was added: “The State of the work in progress, with a breakdown according to price components.”

Warehouse management

  • If the booking and the reservation system have the same priority, then the system looks back at the date and time of the creation of the reservation, eventually increasing the amount of reservations.

E-mails and internal messages

  • The scripting system has been extended by a hook that lets you set the character set, which will send a scheduled task or the agenda via e-mail.

For more information about the other bug fixes, please see the readme file.

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