Work anywhere you are. ABRA online in 1 day

23. 3. 2020
Work from anywhere, in a cloud information system

Do you need to access the ABRA Gen information system online, from anywhere? The easiest and fastest way is to move the entire system into the cloud. Our ABRA online service can help you to start working in the cloud in a single day. Want to know how?

About ABRA Online

ABRA online can help you to access the information system on the internet, eliminating the need to install in on your servers. We have top experts who take care of the day-to-day operations. Users can work in the online system from anywhere. More information about ABRA online.

Where to Start, Who to Contact and How to Prepare for Working in the Cloud

ABRA online is a complex service and it is part of our ABRA Premium Support offer. You can contact your sales manager and make a standard order, or fill in our request form.

ABRA online uses Microsoft RemoteApp technology; requirements on the users’ end stations are therefore based on this technology. All you need to make it work on your side is a computer with internet access.

To connect, a user needs to have regular or mobile internet connection. Connection speed is not crucial. We recommend you focus mainly on its stability, a key factor in operating online systems.

Migrating ABRA Gen into the Cloud - How Does It Work?

Once you sign the online agreement about using ABRA online, a member of our Cloud Services team will contact you and arrange a timeline for the migration. We will need your ABRA Gen backup; we can also help you make one. This backup will be restored in ABRA online.

We will help you configure the different workstations and provide instructions for logging into ABRA online.

We will activate other services, such as ABRA API, BI, Web Services, ABRA E-shop, the automation server, according to the specifications of the contract.

The service will be operational within one working day. This is true for customers running ABRA Gen on their servers.

Operation after the Launch

Thanks to the MS RemoteApp technology, the user experiences ABRA Gen just like the regular locally installed application. However, it runs on a remote server. The system works the same way as before.

You can connect to ABRA online from Microsoft Windows and MAC OS.


The operation of ABRA online is made secure by the technology we use. The only communication going on between the client’s station and our servers is about the change of screens in ABRA Gen. That means no sensitive data is transmitted. The communication is also secured with SSL.

ABRA online is operated in its entirety by ABRA Software a.s. on the company’s servers, which are located in the company’s data center in Prague. Data access is secured and no other entities have access to it.

We take our responsibility for complete backups of the operations and data in the ABRA Gen system seriously. We use two independent backup systems, and we store the backups in three different locations, one of which is geographically separate.

During this difficult period, we have prepared six practical applications to help you transfer into online business for good. The special offer and conditions are valid until June 30, 2020.