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ABRA Gen helps you efficiently automate business, manufacturing, warehouse and finance.

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More videos about ABRA Gen

First demo: Introduction to ERP ABRA Gen

The ABRA Gen ERP system will help you with many processes in the company, regardless of its branch of activity.

ABRA Gen ERP introduction

Second demo: A fast introduction of ABRA Gen ERP

The second part of the ABRA Gen demo videos introduces the entire information system in five minutes.


Third demo: Basic principles of navigation in ABRA Gen

We will show you how to quickly run system functions, how to work with documents, how to search, filter, and use keyboard shortcuts.

Data visualization and ABRA BI

Demosntration of data visualization in the ABRA Gen system.

ABRA Gen in Tubapack

ABRA Gen in the manufacturing company TUBAPACK

ABRA Gen information system helps manufacturing company TUBAPACK succeed in foreign markets.