Sales with Maximum Profit

With ABRA Gen, you won’t miss a single business opportunity and you will always sell your goods with the highest margin.

Sales agenda in ERP ABRA Gen

Why Managing Sales in ABRA Gen is a Good Idea

  • Keep an eye on all business opportunities – maintain full control over the entire business process
  • Leverage complex pricing with individual price lists and advanced discounts to maximize margins
  • Ensure timely deliveries in quantities as requested
  • Launch a B2B e-shop fully integrated with the ABRA Gen system
  • Save human labor thanks to comprehensive electronic document processing
  • Establish a link between the documents in the entire business process and checking for delivery completion and price

Do you want your company to sell more goods with higher margins?

Find out more about ABRA Gen features for the
following areas of sales:


You always know at what price and conditions to offer specific goods.

  • Comprehensive pricing – individual price lists with different time periods, special sales events, company, warehouse or regional special prices using the tools for mass revaluation
  • Planning and monitoring tenders, including final evaluation of success
  • Creating offers including calculating revenue, records and comparisons of different offer versions
  • Bulk invoicing and automating sending of invoices and other documents
  • Sales reports – summary and detailed information about customers, sales, the structure of products purchased and payment reliability, regions, groups of goods, seasonal sales, etc.
Prodejní agenda v ERP systému ABRA Gen
Sales Agenda in ABRA Gen ERP
Ukázka e-shopu propojeného s ERP ABRA Gen
E-shop linked with ABRA Gen ERP


A modern tool which will make you money.

  • Manage all of your B2B and B2C Internet sales directly in the ABRA Gen
  • Work in real time and with the same data as in the information system – changes in pricing and stocks are immediately reflected in the e-shop
  • Operate multiple e-shops (different fields, countries, etc.) in one system
  • Supports online payment methods (PayU, GP, WebPay, PayPal, GoPay and others)
  • A powerful default template and the option to customize the e-shop design

More information:

E-commerce: solutions tailored to your company

Mobile CRM for Sales Representatives on the Road

Fast processing of business agenda and online access to ABRA Gen ERP data from your mobile phone.

  • Creating and managing business correspondence and meetings, including detailed information about your customers, their premises and contact persons.
  • An overview of the basic KPIs and the history of your business communications and cases
  • Payment history and reliability (average maturity, overdue invoices)
  • Online product catalog including detailed specifications, images, prices, types, availability by warehouse, including reserved items or expected date of stocking
  • Fast creation of orders.
New business opportunities, an overview of issued offers and the possibility of sharing documents, such as sending an invoice by e-mail.
Maloobchodní agenda v ERP systému ABRA Gen
Retail Agenda in ABRA Gen ERP

Retail Sales

Fast customer service at the cash register in the store, regardless of the goods you sell.

  • Your cash register can be connected to numerous peripheral devices such as printers, bar code readers, payment terminals, cash drawers, customer displays and scales
  • Loyal customer programs are easy to manage directly at the cash register
  • Direct connection to the current warehouse status and up-to-date price lists for faster customer service
  • Supports multiple payment options, such as cash in different currencies with full EET support, checks, meal vouchers, payment cards and payment terminals

Restaurant Sales

The system adapts to the size and specifics of your company – cafés, patisseries, family restaurants or spa facilities.

  • Easy operation using a graphic layout of tables and sales points
  • Cash registers divided for different operations, sharing of cash registers by service staff
  • Splitting and merging accounts or transferring them to another table
  • Different types of discounts and loyalty programs
  • Fast processing of handover between shifts directly at the cash register
Restaurační agenda v ERP systému ABRA Gen
Restaurant Agenda in ABRA Gen ERP
ISDOC v ERP systému ABRA Gen

Easy Communication Thanks to Electronic Document Exchange

Replace paper with electronic documents and automate the process of issuing and receiving documents.

  • Send and receive documents with suppliers and business partners only electronically (e.g. EDI), with all data automatically saved in the information system
  • Processes are faster (documents are transferred immediately)
  • You can save human labor (stuffing and mailing envelopes is no longer necessary)
  • You can prevent mistakes (data from documents is no longer entered manually)

Data Imports for Quick Sales Setup

Upload all necessary data from Excel spreadsheets or other formats.

  • Storage cards and storage unit data from a XLS spreadsheet, quickly and efficiently
  • Regular, supplier and special price lists from a XLS spreadsheet; optionally, you can create new items in the price list and update existing prices
  • Data imports from the insolvency register can help you prevent problems with unreliable clients
  • Universal data import
Import dat v ERP systému ABRA Gen
Data Import in ABRA Gen ERP

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Sales as Part of ABRA Gen Solutions for the Company as a Whole

Our all-in-one information system, ABRA Gen, helps you manage your business as a whole. All of your data is in one place, the individual areas of your business are interlinked, and your employees work in a single user friendly interface. Sales are directly related to the purchase of goods and materials, their storage and potentially production.

Are you looking for a cloud-based software for smaller companies and freelance contractors?

Do you need to manage your company’s sales efficiently?

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