Advanced Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Flexi is definitely at an advantage among software for small companies.

Advanced pricing in ABRA Flexi

Price List

You can set different variants of the price list according to customer type, trigger time-limited events (like summer sales or post-Christmas discounts), or create one specifically for a company or a product category. Advanced price list enables you to set percentage discounts or a concrete price from a certain number of pieces, and if you sell products by package, Flexi will take care of correct release from the warehouse.

What does Flexi look like? Click for a larger image.

Ceníky v software ABRA Flexi
Working with price lists in ABRA Flexi
Ilustrační: obchodní kontakty v ABRA Flexi

Key Features:

  • Multilingual price lists
  • Consumer price lists
  • Time limits for a specific price or discount
  • Price levels for specific products, companies or groups of products or companies
  • Sales of volume units

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Some features are currently only available in the older desktop application. Click this link to find regularly updated information.

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