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ABRA Helpdesk

Enter your technical support requests online in the ABRA Helpdesk system.

Advantages of the ABRA Helpdesk system:

  • The system facilitates and speeds up communication; after you submit your request, you can communicate with us simply by responding to the emails. You don’t need to log into the portal every time.
  • You will never lose track of your requests and will always be able to find them directly in the system.

Telephone hotline ABRA Gen

Telephone Hotline provides quick support from a qualified operator.

Hotline: +420 296 397 330

Operators provide basic consultancy in the field of SW ABRA operation and small consultancy in user modifications of systems. Assuming a larger range of advice, the customer will provide service to the client or recommend a different procedure for resolving the request.

  • It is provided to users with a paid license service (resp. Premium support) for the lease of licenses
  • It is available on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • At the time of the higher load, calls are held in the queue, operators are gradually executed in the order in which they were placed in the queue
  • In the vast majority of cases you can reach the line within 5 minutes; if the line is busy and you are waiting for a connection for more than 10 minutes, we will call you back

What does the phone hotline do?

  • Solving problems with operation of SW ABRA
  • Minor consultancy in user editing of print reports, calculation schemes, pre-accounts, exports, definitions of SQL queries etc.
  • Error Reporting

When is a hotline the most busy?

Hotline ABRA Gen busy hours

Hotline ABRA Gen: +420 296 397 330

If you are using the ABRA Flexi accounting system, visit the Flexi support website.

Service with remote management

Advice that cannot be solved by phone or through the customer portal can be solved remotely.

In this case, the hotline operator or consultant accesses the user’s computer over a secure connection and works with its sharp data, allowing you to quickly analyze and solve the problem exactly where it originated.

Service Benefits

  • Fast and secure connection
  • Analyze the problem directly on a customer’s machine with sharp data
  • On-line file transfer between service provider and user

Download the remote administration program.

On-site consultation and service

On-site consultation and service is the most effective form of support for the ABRA Gen system. The consultant deals with more difficult interventions during the trip or makes adjustments to the system according to customer’s requirements.

Please contact your dealer with the requirements for consulting services. If you do not have direct contact with the merchant, please contact the Customer Service centre via the telephone hotline or the customer portal.

The consultations are paid according to the prices stated in the pricelist of the specific SW ABRA.

The service trip may include

  • Adaptation and development of the system according to customer’s requirement
  • Troubleshooting on-site, directly in-service user
  • Design of effective use of SW ABRA or its extension
  • Specialized individual training work with ABRA systems