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The ABRA group has become the 100% owner of INEKON SYSTEMS

The ABRA group is proceeding with its acquisitions and has become the 100% owner of INEKOM SYSTEMS.


ABRA Software is terminating commercial relationships with certain companies in light of the invasion of Ukraine

Prague, February 25th, 2022 – If they are directly or have property or similar links to individuals and legal entities listed on the European Commission sanctions lists, they will be prevented from…

ABRA Gen manages aircraft production at OK AVIATION Group

Managing an Airline is a Challenge. The CEO of OK AVIATION Group Faced it Head-on

How did the Czech OK AVIATION Group, which offers comprehensive private flight services, cope when a substantial part of the business suddenly vanished during the coronavirus crisis?

Protecting your company data: Switch to the cloud

Protect your business. Switch to the cloud

Avoid IT downtime and run your information system in the cloud. You can save money on operations and ensure access to the system anywhere.

Vladimir Finsterle,

“I decide based on the facts,” says the founder of Léká Vladimír Finsterle

What is behind the success of Léká What did it founder find useful in managing his company and what was the role of digitization in this process? Read the full interview.

Online sales through an e-shop

Start selling online. How to launch an e-shop in 10 days

Is the lack of personal contact with your customers causing your business a loss? It is time to start moving your sales online. How can you do this?

Work from anywhere, in a cloud information system

Work anywhere you are. ABRA online in 1 day

Do you need to access the ABRA Gen information system online, from anywhere? The easiest and fastest way is to move the entire system into the cloud.

Our consultants are working online

Customer Care In the Time of the Pandemic

ABRA Software is online. We asked the Customer Care team leader how his team of consultants and sales managers is coping with working online. ABRA Software is online.

Current Trainings and Webinars

ABRA Software is here for you

ABRA Software is in full operation and all of our services remain available to you.

Choosing software tools for working online

Software to use for working from home

We can recommend software tools to implement in your company for efficient organization and management of your employees working from home.