Start selling online. How to launch an e-shop in 10 days

23. 3. 2020
Online sales through an e-shop

Is the lack of personal contact with your customers causing your business a loss? It is time to start moving your sales online. When, for any reason, it becomes impossible to sell goods directly to your customers, an investment into e-commerce is a quick path to minimize potential losses.

If you’re already offering your goods in a brick and mortar shop, an e-shop is basically just a new channel for sales; one which is more effective, faster, but also a way to optimize costs, reach more customers, and free your business from dependence on local circumstances.

An E-shop in 10 Days

The good news is that if you’re already using the ABRA Gen information system, and have set up storage cards, sales channels, pricing and other sales processes for your business, our consultants will be able to make your new e-shop functional within 10 days. This time can vary based on the complexity of your company’s processes. We are able to create e-commerce solutions relatively quickly even for new customers; this is based upon the complexity of the implementation of the ERP as a whole.

On the other hand, it should be notes that selling your goods online does come with certain demands on the technical solutions and the internet connection; these are not always possible to be met in local conditions. Therefore, you should consider migrating your system into the cloud, which offers efficient performance scaling and a better connectivity for your e-shop’s customers. The fact that you can work online, anywhere you are, becomes another user benefit. Our ABRA online solution, which includes the information system as well as a complex of services to replace the system’s manager, can help with your migration.

10 Steps to a Quick Launch of Your E-shop

  1. Choose the name of your e-shop and create an appropriate domain. If you don’t have a sufficient technical background, start by running the information system in a fast and secure cloud, which will ensure instant connectivity for your future customers. ABRA online can help you with this migration.
  2. Decide on the shape of the end sales. Aim the sales at B2C end customers or at your B2B business partners, or a combination of both?
  3. Set up the selection of goods you want to offer online. Should this be your entire offer or just the select products?
  4. Create descriptions of the products on offer – basic descriptions, specifications, detailed documentation further information, etc. In online sales, good quality product photography is key.
  5. Update your terms and conditions. You will have to update the terms for complaints, two weeks’ returns policy, and other specific conditions for online sales.
  6. Set up the delivery options for your customers. Update your shipping processes; contract carriers, agreeing upon specific terms, or arrange our own shipping. Don’t forget to procure packaging materials.
  7. Update your payment terms. Apart from cash, give your customers the option to pay upon delivery, by bank transfer, and you should also include online card payments or payment gateway options. Define your partnerships with banks.
  8. Define terms for pricing and discounts within online sales. Consider making your prices online more favorable than those in your brick and mortar shop.
  9. Set up your internal processes according to the needs of online sales:
  • Order processing, invoicing, payment records and communication of the order status;
  • Dispatch and logistics – the process packaging and shipping of the goods;
  • Complaints and returns;
  • Product catalog and price management and maintenance;
  • Online marketing – consider using an advertising agency.
  1. Use the functional design launch template in the ABRA e-shop, which is a quick way to start your new e-shop.

ABRA Software is your partner in all choices and decisions through all stages of launching your e-commerce business, from analysis and setting up the basic process all the way to the installation and configuration of the e-shop. If you have solutions for most of the list above, you can use the basic launch template and launch your new e-shop within days.

Don’t forget to inform your customers about the new purchasing option once your e-shop is up and running. Make use of the marketing tools offered by Seznam and Google, connect with product aggregators such as Heureka (ABRA e-shop enables you to do this directly).

Why you should use the ABRA e-shop:

  • It is a full e-commerce solution for online sales;
  • Full integration with the ABRA Gen system – all of your data in one place;
  • Instant online communication between the e-shop and the information system – what you can see in the e-shop corresponds directly to the data in the system;
  • A unified approach to pricing, with the option to set up individual discounts;
  • A fast dispatch option using Balí;
  • Marketing support – key words, banners, sales events, sorting, searches, etc.;
  • B2B sales support – automated bulk and repeat orders, order import, line catalog.