Modern solutions for your online business.

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Sell online and do not lose track- what is sold and what not to buy, where to buy and what do you have left in stock, what goods when and to whom to send… You can manage easily and effectively and without any errors everything from purchases, stock and e-shop to accounting, expedition or communication with customers from one place.

Do you own an e-shop, but look for a better solution? Or you are satisfied with your current e-shop, but you wish to simplify the follow-up processes and make them clearer?

You get great working sales environmet with the right  combination of ABRA Gen modules, that will always listen to you. Customers will be happy to buy goods from you, even better, they will come back. A satisfied costumer means repeated profit and a joy in business.

Main advantages

Modern solutions for online e-commerce businesses.

  • Individual B2B and B2C internet sales solutions anf top technical support.
  • Linked with follow-up processes such as purchasing, manufacturing, warehouse and accounting or marketing.
  • Linking and managing directly from ABRA Gen systems from pricelist to pictures, including stock cards, descriptions and documents.
  • User- friendly responsive environment for both end- costumers and administrator.
  • Multilingual and multi- currency interface, advanced categoraization and search options including fulltext.
  • Immediate updates of prices or stocks including seasonal ir marketing events.
  • Support of various payment methods including payment cards, HomeCredit or online methods (PayU, GP WebPay, PayPal, GoPay, etc).
  • Deliveries of goods using Stamps, Shipment, DPD Parcel Shop, Packages in hand by Czech post and recetly added fully integrated services “Balikobot”, which significantly saves time and speeds up the expedition directly from the system.
  • Wide oppotunities by comunicating with customers by e-mail, inquiry form, infocentre or discount.
  • SEO support (search engine optimization), AWStats statistics or Google Analytics.
  • Keeping track of current warehouse status and availibility at branches icluding reservation.
  • Optimization of the entire process from purchases or production to sales and expedition, interconnection with accountings.
  • Pre- order option with connection to production planning.
  • Document overviews, reports, creation, storing and printing of documents for both the administrator and end- customer.
  • Bulk paper handling, automated printing, export and shipping, including electronical signature.
  • User registration with adress book and ABRA Gen (and CRM) system.
  • Vizualization of data in clear graphs for fast and precise decisions and planning.
  • GDPR ready, ABRA Gen protects person data of costumers.

Důležitá propojení s ostatními částmi systému

Online podnikání začíná optimalizací zásob ve skladu a končí efektivními prodejními nástroji, jako je např. integrovaný e-shop. Systém podporuje celý obchodní proces od objednávky přijaté, nákupu zboží a uskladnění až po prodej, vystavení faktury a expedici.

Fakturace je možná i v zahraničních měnách, včetně podpory automatického stahování kurzů z internetu. V rámci prodeje je v systému podpora EDI komunikace.

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