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An e-shop from ABRA Software will
interlink your business processes
within a single platform

Choose Your E-shop Variant According to the Needs of Your Business

The ABRA Gen information system can be used as an integration platform for your e-commerce solution, automation and boosting your sales.

Variant 1

Integrated e-shop

ABRA Gen + the integrated module of the ABRA e-shop

  • All your data are stored and managed in one place in the information system;
  • The e-shop works in real time, with the same data as your information system;
  • The platform and the e-shop is run by the same supplier and within the same infrastructure.


Hama, Bricol, Yate

Variant 2

Customized e-shop

ABRA Gen + custom project from a reliable supplier (oXy Online, NetDirect, Pecka Design, Shopsys, etc.)

  • A solution fully customized to your company’s needs;
  • The e-shop is designed by an experienced team, able to handle the optimization of the entire e-commerce solution;
  • A more time-consuming and costly solution.


Megapixel, Profimed, Elnino.cz, Lion mobile

Variant 3

Inhouse e-shop

ABRA Gen + online sales portal developed by your own IT specialists

  • A flexible solution fully under your company’s control;
  • Ability to quickly react to different needs and changes;
  • Requires investment into your own development team.


Letuška.cz, Lékárna.cz, Automationshop.cz

Variant 4

Instant e-shop

ABRA Gen + out-of-the-box solution from different suppliers (Shoptet, Shopify, Eshop-rychle.cz, etc.)

  • The e-shop is not costly to establish;
  • The road from idea to realization is short;
  • It is more difficult to accommodate individual needs.


Imcon Electronics, FOODISH, Dekoracni-zbozi.cz

We can help you set up complex e-commerce solutions tailored exactly to your company’s needs.

What Can the ABRA Platform Do?

  • Analyzing all the necessary data;
  • An easy-to-read view of results and predicitons;
  • Automated ordering process;
  • Fast document and data flow;
  • Customization;
  • Easy integration using API.

What Do You Get with an E-commerce Solution based on ABRA Platform?

  • Web apps interlinked with your ERP system through the API interface.
  • Product management with a comprehensive catalogue.
  • Pricing with a wide range of discounts and individualized pricelists.
  • Record-keeping of all documents pertaining to the operation of your e-commerce and a direct link to your accounting.
  • Automation of purchases, logistics and the entire business process.
  • Thorough controlling and quick decision-making tools as part of business intelligence.

How do ABRA e-commerce users evaluate its solution?

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