Automation of business processes and online interconnection of travel portals.

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How does ABRA Gen help?

  • The system records all business transactions in the virtual environment and connects them to the accounting.
  • It ensures automatic sending of all required booking confirmations or customer payments and cooperates with payment systems and banks.
  • Thanks to automatization, it allows limiting the number of employees in the accounting department – the number of accountants has not changed in fifteen years and while the number of business transactions has multiplied.
  • It monitors and records all processes online in the virtual space. Operations take place all over the world in real time and in many currencies.
  • It supervises bidirectional communication – receipt of orders and automatic confirmation of orders and booking of services in the direction of the customer.
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The Asiana Agency operates eight different travel websites. The company needs a reliable system that monitors, records, and translates huge amounts of everyday transactions into detailed statistics. All actions must also be automatically entered into the accounting. Business process automatization has been taken care of by ABRA Gen Information System for 10 years.

Šárka Litvinová, Asiana

Šárka Litvinová

Co-founder, Asiana spol. s r. o.

“ABRA Gen does all of our back office work – statistics, records and bookkeeping. On one hand, there are numerous services such as airline tickets, insurance and accommodation. And on the other hand is a satisfied customer, either corporate or individual. We are the middle link. To connect services with clients, we use a number of systems and tools. ABRA Gen monitors and records everything.”

The main benefit of ABRA Gen: Automatization of backoffice processes

The information system ensures the automatized running of all backoffice processes. The main benefit of ABRA Gen is connecting data from eight Asian ordering systems into one database.

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