Wholesale Sales

Perfect organisation and maximum efficiency

The combination of modern tools and technologies offers B2B business automation.

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The highly functional combination of modern tools and technologies offers a wide range of automation of B2B wholesalers – from optimisation of purchase and sales, through clear warehouse to efficient use of labour.

Order in documents and precise inspection of all processes related to wholesale, dynamic sales, minimization of lager and satisfied customers – so looks flawlessly functioning wholesale, which brings profits and pleasure from business.

Do not waste time administration and exchange stress for the joy of Business and profit – in the ABRA Gen system you can easily manage everything you need in your wholesale.

Key Benefits

  • A precisely functioning warehouse from purchase after dispatch, quick removal and minimization of lager.
  • Efficiency and performance overview, relief from unnecessary tasks and administration.
  • Purchase and sales optimization and smart inventory management.
  • Fast orientation in goods thanks to connected systems and modern identification, minimization of errors.
  • Easy to find in both the item and the Customer directory (CRM).
  • Connecting with e-shop and dispensing mode including booking of goods.
  • Effective planning with regard to seasonality or sales.
  • Interconnection of various systems and applications thanks to API, high degree of automation with IoT.
  • Modern visualisation of data directly in the system and tailored for always up-to-date overview of processes in the company.
  • Order in documents and their coherence for maximum control and easy processing of all accounting operations.
  • Connection with production and service.
  • GDPR ready, ABRA Gen protects person data of costumers.


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Dobře organizovaný velkoobchod závisí na bezchybném propojení různých firemních procesů od nákupu zboží, jeho uskladnění, komunikace s odběrateli až po expedici a manažerské přehledy.

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