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A perfectly functioning warehouse will become the heart of your business.

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You can also have a warehouse where you have an overview. You know exactly where the goods lie, you’re not wasting time on search and unnecessary rewriting to your computer, and you always have up-to-date information available from anywhere. You can fully utilize every inch of storage space, every minute of human work and know what to order and what for how much to sell to make your business brought profit.

No more mistakes, messes, downtime, no paper tables, no lager or a shortage of supplies.

Why managing your warehouses with ABRA Gen is a good idea



of stock in real time and in the field


stock, taking into account the demand, the season, warehouse performances and margins


of your warehouse space according to the principles of chaotic storage

A diagram of the efficient warehouse process in ABRA Gen

A diagram of the efficient warehouse process

Důležitá propojení s ostatními částmi systému

Skladové hospodářství je úzce provázáno s modulem Nákup, který z objednávek vytváří příjemky. Na druhé straně obchodního procesu pochopitelně přímo navazuje modul Prodej.

V rámci skladů lze pracovat s polohováním, spravovat zásoby v modulu SCM a využívat integrované řešení pro mobilní WMS, kdy skladník velmi pohodlně realizuje skladové operace přes mobilní zařízení.

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ABRA Gen in a Warehouse

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Warehouse processes and arrival of goods into storage

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Keeping records of goods in positions and removal from storage

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