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A perfectly functioning warehouse will become the heart of your business.

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You can also have a warehouse where you have an overview. You know exactly where the goods lie, you’re not wasting time on search and unnecessary rewriting to your computer, and you always have up-to-date information available from anywhere. You can fully utilize every inch of storage space, every minute of human work and know what to order and what for how much to sell to make your business brought profit.

No more mistakes, messes, downtime, no paper tables, no lager or a shortage of supplies.

The path to a perfectly organized warehouse leads through automation. The right combination of ABRA Gen modules can help you achieve maximum efficiency with one connected system from a single supplier, tailored to your business.

Key Benefits

  • Manage an unlimited number of warehouses of any size, efficiently and quickly.
  • Always up-to-date inventory, in real-time and in the field.
  • Order in documents, attachments, records of suppliers/customers.
  • Electronic document processing, coherence of information, electronic and multi-level approval.
  • Mobile terminals and work with bar codes and labels.
  • Maximum use of storage space according to the principles of polohovaných warehouses.
  • Optimise inventory with respect to demand, season, inventory performance and margin.
  • Driven purchase and sale, supply and receipt of items, including automation according to needs.
  • Fast and efficient production and assembly.
  • Overview of the performance of employees tasks, attendance and work of workstations, setting different permission levels.
  • Saving work, minimizing errors and downtimes, reports.
  • Consistency with accounting, E-shop and other processes as required.
  • Pricing and calculation with regard to stock and demand.
  • Batch monitoring and expiration.
  • GDPR ready, ABRA Gen protects person data of costumers.

Důležitá propojení s ostatními částmi systému

Skladové hospodářství je úzce provázáno s modulem Nákup, který z objednávek vytváří příjemky. Na druhé straně obchodního procesu pochopitelně přímo navazuje modul Prodej.

V rámci skladů lze pracovat s polohováním, spravovat zásoby v modulu SCM a využívat integrované řešení pro mobilní WMS, kdy skladník velmi pohodlně realizuje skladové operace přes mobilní zařízení.

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