KLAUS Timber

Expansion abroad requires an information system.

Loading of euro pallets in the KLAUS Timber complex

How does ABRA Gen help?

  • The company needs to get up-to-date information from production, accurately record warehouse inventory, and get sophisticated business reports. ABRA Gen provides comprehensive reports.
  • ABRA Gen is assembled according to the needs of the company. Using PLM terminals in the production ensures perfect control over the entire process.
  • The barcode system keeps the warehouse well organizedr and in order.
  • Implementation of ABRA Gen brings the company savings in human resources, insight into the movement of raw materials and products and lowering of costs by optimizing the production means.
Logo KLAUS Timber
FIELDProduction, Trade, Warehouse
PLACEWestern Bohemia Region

The timber production company KLAUS Timber is the largest producer of pallets in the Czech Republic. The company employs 250 people and its annual turnover exceeds CZK 630 million. It produces more than 3.6 million atypical disposable pallets per year in about three hundred and twenty types. The construction of the pallets is tailored to the requirements and wishes of customers. Major customers include LEGO and German automotive companies. It supplies about a quarter of its production capacity with lumber from its own sawmill. This corresponds to 35,000 cubic meters of wood, making it a middle segment in the field of wood processing.

The ABRA Gen information system was able to adapt to wood production and provide an up-to-date overview of production as well as systematic monitoring of raw wood and pallets.

Marcel Klaus, KLAUS Timber

Marcel Klaus

Director and Chairman of the Board of KLAUS Timber, a.s.

“I knew we needed to control production, use labels, barcodes, and readers. I understand pallet production and investment decisions, but not to the software of this type. I was thinking about what supplier I would choose for about two years. I finally decided for ABRA Software on the basis of personal trust; on top of that, it is a Czech company, which I considered nice. The guys who came to do the analysis said that they would put the system together the way I needed. And they have really done it that way.”

The main benefit of ABRA Gen: PLM terminals and bar codes

By using PLM terminals in the production, the company gains immediate insight and full control over the production capacity. With Barcode 128B codes, the company can always track the exact history of each pallet produced.

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