ISDOC Reader

The tool from the ABRA Software workshop allows direct viewing, printing and verification of electronic documents in the format ISDOC. It is available free of charge.

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ABRA Software recommends using the ISDOC/ISDOCx format. In its development, ABRA Software itself participated and integrateded it in all its information systems. The ISDOC format is available to all users of the information system ABRA free of charge.

Benefits of E-invoicing

  • Transaction cost savings (print, mail)
  • Significant reduction in the error rate of entering received invoices
  • Help Clarify records
  • Accelerate the circulation of documents and increase labour productivity
  • possibility to send electronic invoices in a structured manner without knowledge of the type of economic system of the beneficiary

Electronic invoicing is a modern means of exchanging documents between business entities, retailers and their end customers, as well as public administrations. This method of communication allows cheap, fast and flawless sharing of not only invoices, but also other documents used in the world of trade.

About the ISDOC format

A full-fledged tax document ISDOC is a widely accepted and used electronic invoicing format, which includes an electronic signature. ISDOCX is the second form of this format, which may also include invoice attachments that have legal relevance, such as terms of trade, calculation worksheets, and so on.

Reader of electronic documents ISDOC Reader