Linking Flexi
to Your E-shop

Thanks to its API, ABRA Flexi can be linked to virtually any external app. The most common example is connecting it to an e-shop.

Online e-shop connected to ABRA Flexi

Automated Sales

And what does it look like in real life? That depends on how deep the integration goes. The most common, so-called Golden Mean, happens when the synchronization is mostly in the background and many tasks no longer need to be done manually. When products arrive in your warehouse, the information is instantly displayed in your e-shop. The program takes the order and creates an issue slip for the warehouse and an invoice, which it later pairs with a payment. If the customer pays by card, you can see immediately that the invoice has been paid.

A newly registered customer is automatically included in an address book in Flexi; the address book can be linked to the process of issuing invoices and other documents. This link is optional; if it is absent, it means you can sell goods to an unregistered customer.

Based on the level of integration, you can save yourself a lot of repetitive steps and thereby save time on order processing. Data is up-to-date in both systems and you don’t have to worry about whether they match. The result? Peace of mind and more satisfied customers.

What does Flexi look like? Click for a larger image.

E-shop propojený na software ABRA Flexi
Orders from a linked e-shop in ABRA Flexi
Ilustrační: obchodní kontakty v ABRA Flexi

Key Features:

  • Goods sorted by manufacturer, category, group or tags
  • Similar products
  • Fees
  • Guarantee
  • Optional limits on the export of products and attachments into the e-shop (so the e-shop only displays products that are currently in stock or only specific discounts or categories)
  • Stock levels
  • Delivery period support
  • Price list attributes – optional specific technical parameters (e.g. diagonals for Tvs and monitors).
  • Individual pricing for wholesale (B2B) sales

Try Flexi

Some features are currently only available in the older desktop application. Click this link to find regularly updated information.

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