Progress Cycle

Czech seller of worldly bicycles.

How does ABRA Gen help?

  • In the business process, the greatest benefit is direct link of the e-shop with the information system .
  • Electronic invoicing via OLE interface .
  • Automatically make stock cards from each order in the information system to create subscriber pre-orders and the entire cycle ends, through stocking up the warehouse , in thehands of the customer .
  • Handling an ever increasing number of electronic orders

FIELD Core, Finance, Trade
PLACE Prague

The Progress Cycle bicycle and bicycle accessory uses for their online B2C sale ABRA Eshop, which is managed directly from ABRA Gen.

Progress Cycle is a wholesaler of cycling goods with the exclusive brands Giant, Giro, Bell, CamelBak and other cycling equipment. With 30 employees, it produces an annual turnover of CZK 166 million in sales and service.


Like the products it sells, Progress Cycle also selects technologies that it uses in everyday business practice. IT Manager David Krásenský says: “We use ABRAGen for all business agenda work except for emails.”


“ERP ABRA helps us mainly with the handling of an ever-increasing number of electronic orders, which were much more often done in the past by fax or over the phone, and I can not imagine another ERP that would offer us as much ABRA does. We get all our business information from the G3 system, “ continues David Krasensky.


Especially in the business process itself, the greatest benefit is the direct connection of the e-shop with the information system. ABRA E-SHOP that we use for ERP-linked end-to-end sales (B2C) connected to ERP saves us time. We do not have to rewrite offline orders, but our salesman simply processes incoming orders each morning, which reduces the expedition time of goods by one day, which of course does not only suit us but above all our customers,” says Josef Přib.


Further acceleration of work comes with electronic invoicing through the OLE interface. Automatically, from individual orders in the information system, warehouse cards are created, on the basis of which customer pre-orders are created and the whole cycle ends, through stocking up the warehouse, in the hands of the customer.

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