Ing. Jaroslav Řasa

Jaroslav Řasa,
owner and founder of ABRA Software

Having studied cybernetics at the Czech Technical University in Prague, he was planning a career in science. Fate, aided by a book by Tomáš Baťa, had a different plan. The information system that became the basis of ABRA Software was created in 1991.

The company now has 150 employees and its software is used by tens of thousands of customers. Jaroslav Řasa’s leadership focuses on making the company’s systems help entrepreneurs apply modern technologies in their own businesses. He sees automation and digitization of all company processes as one of the main tools for increasing productivity.

Jaroslav devotes his time to meaningful activities even outside of his business. For example, he works with the Neuron Foundation, where he supports young scientists, or with the Můžeš podnikat! (You Can Run a Business!) project, which organizes lectures for high school students.

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