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The world around us is full of things that carry information. They have their weight, temperature, vibration, composition, wear rate, etc. Using the elements of the Internet of things (sensors and actuators, remotely connected by radio signals, often without the need for power) these can be measured, stored and used for further decision making.

And that’s not all. Data can be interconnected with the information system, analyzed and linked to everything that is already in it.

Moreover, you can use the definable rules to perform automated steps – lower storage temperature, change air, send alerts to the operator, etc. These bring you specific improvements, such as increased durability, improved performance, reduced downtime, and saved time.

With ABRA IoT solution you will discover the world of interconnected information, where you will get the right answers to key questions.

Benefits of the ABRA IoT Platform

  • Interconnects objects and data in the ABRA Gen system directly with information from sensors and things.
  • Creates an integration platform independent of the sensor suppliers.
  • Keeps and processes data in a realtime database, from where it passes aggregated data and event information to ABRA Gen.
  • The information is directly in the system – for example, on the stock product card you can see a graph of the temperature in the warehouse, shakes during transport or just information if the transport and storage limits have not been exceeded.

Sufficient amount of correct information reduces business risk and reduces waste of time and resources.

ABRA electro mobile car

IoT in action

A device developed by ABRA Software for setting up and testing IoT functions in companies.

Do you want to hear specific scenarios?

Here they are:

  • Tracking of loans The company, renting out devices, installs accelerometers with GPS locator on them. That way the system receives data, that points out discrapancies – someone else borrowed the device, the device is in continuous operation longer than it should …
  • Fresh air monitoring. A carbon dioxide sensor is installed in the rooms in different workplaces. When it rises above the specified amount, the system sends out a warning that the room should be given an airing
  • Measuring temperature when transporting goods. With the Internet and intelligent sensors, it is possible to measure and transmit the temperature in a car’s cargo space while driving. In addition to tracking the location and order status, the customer will see that the wine they ordered is not freezing or exposed to too high a temperature.

Do you have any other scenarios in mind?Let us know and we will prepare a custom solution for you.

IoT technical solution

In order for IoT to function, it is necessary to provide 5 basic things:

  • Sensor (or sensor software) to measure a specific value.
  • The driver system through which the collected data gets into the balancing database.
    In ABRA Software we will provide drivers from Siemens, Sigfox and other companies.
    Internet connectivity takes place via dedicated IoT networks for which low power consumption is specific . We provide data transfer via Sigfox, Simatic, IQRF and MQTT networks.
  • A realtime cloud-based database that can handle billions of data.
    In ABRA Software, we have our own real-time ABRA IoT Hub solution, which not only receives and stores data, but also sends alerts (such as triggering an alarm) according to set rules. At the same time, it decides which data it sends to the information system.
  • API, which connects the database with the information system.
    In ABRA Software, we have our own WebAPI ABRA Gen solution, which can “unlock” the door of our ERP system and pass data into it.
  • Information system that attaches the received data to the correct item and performs its evaluation, triggers alerts, or starts a specific activity. The set rules will determine which data gets into the system via the API.
    An “IoT Data” tab, which displays the content of the received data for a specific business object, is available in ABRA Gen.
    Part of the tab will also be ABRA BI later on, which displays data in clear, attractive graphics.


Will you help me with acquiring new hardware?

Yes, we will take care of providing the technologies needed to run IoT. Deliveries are handled as part of the project in cooperation with Siemens, Sigfox and other top IoT players on the market.

How is IoT related to Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 is a comprehensive strategy that includes not only specific technologies but also a change in thinking. In the future, the desire to lease will be stronger than to own, and the idea of things being shared and communicating with each other can be strengthened. The fourth industrial revolution therefore also includes IoT, where machines and other devices have built-in sensors connected to the data cloud. IoT means a great future for the Czech market, which, according to IDC estimates, will grow to two billion dollars in 2020. With ABRA Software you will be there.

Can I run IoT on my own cloud?

Yes, ABRA IoT Hub can run not only on our cloud but also on the customer’s cloud.

How about security? Does anyone use the API to read my data from the system?

API access is only allowed to users who have the appropriate permissions in ABRA Gen. APIs also has standard authorizations to access rows of documents, centers, and so on. When you access the API on the Internet, you can use secure HTTPS to make all API communications encrypted.

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