Produce effectively

Production process as a perfectly tuned machine

Effective production from the beginning to the end is the key to your business success. What, when, and from whom to buy, what and for how much to sell, what do you have enough of and what do you have excess of?

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Produce only what actually generates profit for you and do not waste money, efforts, or time. No more hard-to-sell items, downtimes, unorganized papers, mistakes, incomplete information, and untraceable raw materials.

Whether you are a family production company or produce thousands of products a day, the right combination of ABRA Gen modules allows you to connect everything you need in one system so you can effectively monitor, manage, and plan your entire production process.

Main advantages

The Production model is a powerful assistant in custom, piece, and serial production for both small and large businesses.

  • blank Calculation of both cost and stock prices of the products already during their production.
  • blank All documents on one spot, visual documentation.
  • blank Capacity planning, efficient creation of the production plan, possibility of smaller series production.
  • blank Full interconnection with the warehouse, inventory optimization, tracking of batches and serial numbers, advanced assembly possibilities.
  • blank Direct link to other processes, from purchase and sele, through attendance, asset management and bookkeeping, to driving records, or tracking the efficiency of individual workplaces.
  • blank Overview thanks to production labels, barcodes and easy labeling of components and products.
  • blank Wide possibilities of custom production, process visualizatio for more complex products.
  • blank Automatic material depreciation and record keeping of residues.
  • blank Consistent control and lower error rate.
  • blank Special module for production in gastronomy.
  • blank GDPR ready, ABRA Gen protects person data of costumers.


Combine modules to perfectly fit your needs.

Effective production cannot manage without a well-organized warehouse, precise planning, timely purchase of raw materials, or extraction of work directly on the production line.

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