Provision of services

Level services. Without unnecessary administration and overview

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Take advantage of every business opportunity to offer your customers a great service, regardless of the industry in which you are running. A well-configured information system gives you a perfect overview and the ability to work to ensure that all processes in your company are facing success.

Comprehensive and clear customer information, along with advanced project management and planning capabilities, will enable you to smoothly conduct business meetings and provide services from hairdressing to financial advice.

Interconnection of all parts of the system including accounting, purchase, cash register or a logbook will make your work significantly easier and reduce downtime or error rates.

We have a sophisticated solution for service providers at all levels. Use them to the max.

Key Benefits

  • blank All customer information in one place, targeted and automated communication.
  • blank Advanced project and procurement management options including calculation, planning, inspection.
  • blank Management of personnel and teams, overview over time worked and fulfillment of schedule or individual tasks, setting of responsibilities, quick troubleshooting.
  • blank Approval of activities, calculation, expenditure tracking and easy invoicing thanks to the link to accounting.
  • blank Sophisticated planning and management of business activities and communication with customers.
  • blank Comprehensive management of service and repair activities in any field – handling of service orders, guarantee and post-warranty service and complaints.
  • blank Direct issuance of documents, overview of payment morality, interconnection with other parts of the system.
  • blank Comprehensive overview, management and planning of business opportunities and negotiations, synchronization with MS Outlook.
  • blank Unified system of planning, management and evaluation of business representatives activities.
  • blank Estimation of demand of customers and future sales, effective evaluation of the activity with regard to return.
  • blank All related documents in one place – contracts, invoices, quotes, orders, service sheets and electronic correspondence.
  • blank CRM for IOS and Android Mobile solutions for recording and fast planning and handling of all field trading agendas and online data access in ERP ABRA Gen – Ideal for business travellers and business management. Information available up to the smart watch.
  • blank Link to other parts of the system from accounting to a logbook, purchase or inventory, related purchases and sales.
  • blank The perfect overview of all processes with advanced visualization of results and data for quick and correct decision making.
  • blank GDPR ready, ABRA Gen protects person data of costumers.


Combine modules to perfectly fit your needs.

A properly set information system provides the service provider with a perfect overview of the status of projects, customers and orders anywhere and from anywhere.

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