Retail sales

Professional level from warehouse all over to the store.

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Retail sales begin even before the customer enters the shop. From the purchasing of goods, to their placement, to the setting up of cash registers. The informational system will help you manage the entire process so that it is clear, comfortable and efficient for you and for your customers. Regardless of the range of goods sold and the size or quantity of stores.

By connecting all related processes, you will always have sufficient stock of properly labeled merchandise in store and in stock, avoid unsaleable goods, and be able to handle all types of remittances, cashiers and sales.

You will have an order in the documents and you will get an overview of goods, customers, individual branch office and employees.

You can manage everything you need for a successful retail business in one system. Without unnecessary administration, mistakes and losses.

Main advantages

  • Creating a  complete selling place (POS) through cooperation with cash registers.
  • Printing graphically arranged receipts with the possibility of individually setting specific items.
  • Tracking sales, including breakdowns by employees or stores and securing their payouts.
  • A possibility of combining multiple cash registers.
  • Overview of the warehouse status and current price lists directly from the store.
  • Optimizing purchases, sales and stocks.
  • Fast expedition and fast orientation in goods through the interconnection of systems and labeling.
  • Identification of goods by EAN and PLUs barcodes, full support of special barcodes (weight, price).
  • A possibility of connecting peripheral devices – printers, readers, payment terminals, payment card readers, cash drawers, customer displays and scales.
  • Full EET support in the Czech Republic and online communication with fiscal printers in Slovakia.
  • An easy search in both merchandise and customer directory.
  • Deadlines for revenues and sales of goods, including printing and viewing of outputs.
  • Connecting with e-shop and dispensing mode including booking of goods.
  • Document management for accounting and communicating with the bank.
  • Effective planning with regard to seasonality or sales.
  • GDPR ready, ABRA Gen protects personal data of customers.
  • Certified interconnection of ABRA Gen systems with regulations according to EU directives.


Combine modules to perfectly fit your needs.

Retail sales begin with the purchase of goods and their storage. Throughout the process, it is important to automate the issuance of all documents in co-operation with cash register and accounting.

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