Yves Rocher

The Yves Rocher brand was born in 1959 from the vision of Yves Rocher, who believed in herbal based cosmetics to make beauty accessible to all women.

How does ABRA Gen help?

  • It intgrates all records into one database.
  • It enables effective warehouse inventory tracking and work with information about business partners and customers.
  • It creates reports in a form that can be sent straight to the headquarters in France.
  • It meets the requirement for an internal accounting system in which not only accounting, but also employee wages are also recorded.
FIELD Services, Trade
PLACE Prague
WEB www.yves-rocher.cz/

In 1956, Mr. Yves Rocher made the first cream from the orsea plant at his home. In 1959 he founded a laboratory of plant cosmetics in his native Bretagne village of La Gacilly. He remained faithful to the native village and he was selling his products, using Cash on Delivery. Even today, the business is closely bound with La Gacilly, even though its annual production nowadays is 300 million cosmetic products for the entire world. Mr. Yves Rocher has combined the knowledge of nature with scientific research, in order to get the most effective plant extracts into his products. He has also based his philosophy on the promotion of healthy environment.


Yves Rocher spol. s r. o. was founded in 1991, when Ms. Alena Záhorská managed to negotiate conditions of the Czech representation with the mother company, Yves Rocher France. Still in that year, she opened the first store with cosmetics in Prague, on the Vodičkova ulici. In 1995 the second store in Prague was established, followed by more stores all around the Czech Republic during the subsequent years. Today, Yves Rocher has over 200 employees, 47 sales points all over the Czech Republic, and it offers cosmetic care in 18 salons

“At the beginning of our business, it was necessary to familiarize Czechs with then unknown Yves Rocher cosmetics. We have built the brand awareness, always emphasizing product cleanliness and ethics of the business philosophy. The most problematic for us was the fact that we had to homologate each product separately for the Czech Republic until the accession to the EU. This process has been exhausting at the beginning of our company, but our confidence in quality has helped us to bridge these difficulties,” Alena Záhorská, the business director of Yves Rocher Czech Republic recalls the beginnings.


Yves Rocher has many franchising business partners in the Czech Republic. For many years, the company has pioneered this type of collaboration. Lucie Tomíšková, the spokesperson of Yves Rocher, summarizes the benefits of franchising with Yves Rocher: “We primarily help the franchisees to reduce the risks of their business by providing them with comprehensive background and expertise in all areas of their business, such as distributing of goods or marketing support. The collaboration is reciprocal – the franchisee, in turn, brings us the knowledge of the local environment and the ability to effectively reach the local clientele. “

After asset restructuring, the company’s management focus began to concentrate on optimizing management tools, unifying highly fragmented records, accumulating data from many types of software applications, and completion of the hardware platform.

ABRA allows us to handle everything with a single contact person. This simplifies communication and our requests are always quickly taken care of.
Lucie Tomišková
Spokeswoman, Yves Rocher


For many years, the company was happy with outsourcing of the accounting services. Since 2005, it has already been necessary to switch to an internal accounting system in which, besides accounting, employees’ salaries were also recorded. In the subsequent years, the need for effective monitoring of warehouse inventories and the possibility of working with information on business partners and customers arose and the tender for a comprehensive information system was announced. “We have included only Czech suppliers in the tender,”Lucie Tomišková explains. “Of the three systems in the shortlist, we have chosen chosen ABRA Gen, which offered wide scope of functions in a single system.”

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