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Every company is different; and for each of them, we can create the right environment, customized for their business.

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We can customize and adapt the ABRA Gen information system to suit your needs. However, thanks to many years of our experience, we can offer much more – we create mobile applications, web-based information systems and B2B portals and we ensure turnkey economic and IT services.

Thanks to innovative tools you will get wide possibilities of automatization and interconnection of applications or functions. Machines and equipment will work for you while you will have a functional e-shop, precize accounting services, and also perfect insight into everything that’s going on in the company.


Smart information software of the ERP class, which will adapt to you. The ABRA Gen information system is highly variable and allows to additionally program and fine-tune all functions according to the needs of the particular customer. This gives you room for a truly effective business without unnecessary administrative tasks. You can use the services of our consultants in Prague and at the branches offices as well as a wide network of partner companies. From effective production to functioning retail, from well-organized warehouse to flawless accounting, or visualization of data for quick and correct decision making, everything from one supplier and in one system, well organized and allways at hand. Find out what ABRA Gen can do.

Outsourcing of services

Take advantage of a wide range of professional services from creation of mobile applications to accounting and IT management. We have more than an information system for you. We build custom web-based information systems, e-shops, mobile applications, and B2B portals. We will become your IT department and hardware manager, a secure cloud for your entire system, as well as a professional accounting department. We will provide tax and economic consultancy to you at the top professional level. We are not just a supplier, we are your ally. What can we do for your better business?

Innovation and automatization

New technologies offer unexpected opportunities for modern companies. Interconnection of applications and functions through API brings significant work, time, and cost savings. Also machines and equipment can really work for you through the IoT (the Internet of Things) tools. Advanced data visualization delivers perfect insight into the company and space for maximizing your potential. How can we help you to take advantage of modern technology in your company?

Top-class customer support

Feel confident to contact our expert consultants or helpdesk From the beginning of the collaboration we always look for the most suitable solution for each customer and we are ready to help you solve any situation. Contact us.