FV Plast

ABRA BI lets the company get a report by pressing a single button.


How does ABRA Gen help?

  • Automates common business processes.
  • ABRA BI allows you to track the evolution of stock inventories over time, work with your current turnover report, manager’s accounting, flexibly respond to information on receivables and trade payables, etc.
  • Data in ABRA BI is live, online, and available from any device and accessible online.
  • Allow customization for individual business needs, such as when creating reports or adding custom fields.
FIELD Core, Data visualization, Finance, Trade
PLACE Central Bohemian Region
WEB www.fv-plast.cz

ABRA BI is a tool for online reporting in FV Plast, but also a source of data for further work. Management uses the business intelligence portal to support management on the controlling, trading, logistics and manufacturing level.

FV Plast a.s., a traditional Czech manufacturer of plastic piping systems specializing in the production of plastic pipes, fittings and fittings for water, air and central and floor heating. Ing. Kamil Mahovsky, CEO of FV Plast, characterizes the company: “At present, we are the second largest supplier on the domestic market. At 2 plants we operate on 6000 m2 of production halls and with 180 employees we produce an annual turnover of CZK 730 million. Eighty percent of our production goes abroad to more than 48 countries worldwide.”

Until 2008, the ABRA Gen information system in FV Plast was only used for statutory agendas. This year, the company’s management decided to use the functions of the company management support system more efficiently.

FV Plastic started to actively adapt the information system to its specific requirements. It has been able to automate many of the tasks, and better use its existing information infrastructure to its advantage. “ In Gen, I appreciate the customization option for our individual needs, such as when creating reports or adding custom fields,” says Ing. David Behner, Business Director for the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.

The information system is now closely interconnected with the Business Intelligence application, ABRA BI . “It helps not only the department of controlling, but also trade, production and logistics. The biggest benefit is that ABRA BI data is live, online, and available from any device and with remote access. Importantly, the information in ABRA BI is unified, and they all work with the same numbers,” explains the benefits of reporting David Behner, who primarily watches over ABRA BI executions.

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