The tailor-made system maximally adapts to the requirements of the company.

Operation Profol

How does ABRA Gen help?

  • It automatically generates production reports for the management.
  • It keeps a record of all formulas in the production. It allows application of 3 production orders on one line at the same time.
  • It monitors the contents of the material silos, thus hepling to ensure sufficient amount of material for the production.
  • It automatically receives data from the weight for receipt of finished products. It provides detailed records of production and further processing of waste material.
  • It generates and prints barcode labels.
  • It saves operating costs thanks to the production schedule – the system monitors the colour and type of the film and optimizes the production plan while minimizing the adjustment of the machines to another type of film.
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PLACEÚstí nad Labem Region

The Czech subsidiary of the German manufacturing company Profol was looking for a new wage and accounting solution to replace their old software that has failed to meet all company requirements. It has chosen the ABRA Gen complex information system. Extensive consultation of experts from ABRA Software in the implementation of ABRA Gen helped the company to implement efficient warehouse management and automate all manufacturing processes.

Zdeňka Roušar Valentová, Profol

Zdeňka Roušar Valentová

Profol Czech

“The advantage of ABRA Gen is its comprehensiveness. The greatest benefit of implementing the system is primarily the simplification of individual processes and the improvement of mutual awareness. Prior to the introduction of ABRA Gen, we used to keep a lot of records in Excel and sometimes even in duplicate. With ABRA Gen we have also managed to eliminate the error rate.”

Key Benefits of ABRA Gen: Optimizing company processes and effective production

Prior to implementation, the consultants spent many hours in the company surveying details of workflows and production processes. They investigated directly from the employees in the given sections, what activities they do and where the information system can be applied. An important output for the company was the design of the workflows that can be made more effective through ABRA Gen.

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