5 reasons to digitize your business

Automate your business from ordering through production to shipping.
Here are 5 reasons why:

Reduce routine work costs by automating business processes and digitizing production. You can then partially invest the saved money in your own development and overtake the competition.

Your business results will be on hand at any time, anywhere and always up to date. This allows you to make decisions, even on a business trip abroad or to take action at critical times.

If you do not own handmade production then automation will bring you more efficient production and the possibility of cheaper and higher production. This allows you to compete in the demand for goods.

Automation also brings consistent product quality. Less scrap means saving material and time. This affects not only the economy of the company, but also the perception of the brand from the ecological point of view.

The issuing of electronic documents, their circulation in the company and the approval processes are automated by a correctly set information system. This will increase work productivity effectively.

What we can help you with

  • Our ERP system comprehensively covers and automates your entire business agenda .
  • We analyze your business processes and propose the optimal solution for digitization and automation in   the information system.
  • We set up digital links for each link in the production process, especially the two-way flow of information to and  from production.
  • We enable modification of the product or manufacturing process according to customer preference and pass specific instructions to production.
  • We ensure a digital imprint of each product and use IoT technology to capture specific manufacturing parameters and the state of the entire manufacturing process.

Smart ABRA Gen solutions for Industry 4.0

Internet of Things (IoT)

Do you need to track data inside and outside your company and automate operations? Connect objects and data in the ABRA Gen information system directly with information from sensors and objects.

More about IoT

Easy data transfer via API

Connect different systems and applications to ABRA Gen and work with data in one place. For example, data from production is sent to the system via the API where it can be further processed.

More about API

Business Intelligence

We will display the company data in the required context and in real time directly in the information system or via the web interface from anywhere and from any device.

More about BI

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