Let new technologies work for you.

You will gain time, space, new functions, and clear information – important ingredients for your business.

BI information into your smartwatch

Innovative tools and advanced technologies make it possible to take business to a new level. There comes is a high rate of automization and connection of things, applications, and individual solutions with them, as well as data protection improvements and significant cost lowerings due to the cloud services.

Progress in the world of enterprise software can also help in your company. We keep up with the latest trends, so you can run your business at full throttle.

Digitization of the company

Automate your business from orders through production to shipping.

Want to know 5 reasons to digitize your business?

You will learn how to:

  • reduce costs, increase productivity and how to use resources and nature more economically;
  • gain an edge over the competition and accelerate managerial decision-making.


Discover the world of the Internet of things

Do you need to track data inside and outside the corporate processes and automatize operations?

Take advantage of:

  • Connecting and communicating things with the information system.
  • Data analysis in context, high rate of automatization.


Easy data transfer and interconnection of different systems.

Do you transfer data complexly among systems which would be better to interconnect?

Take advantage of:

  • Automatized interconnecting and updating of sofware, applications, and devices with information systems.
  • Time and resources savings, fewer bugs, automatization of processes.
  • Online accessbilty of functions, easily, quickly and clearly.


Data visualization and business intelligence

Would you like to always have an overview of real time business operation?

Take advantage of:

  • Fast, accurate and effective decision making thanks to a clear visual analysis of data, directly in the information system.
  • Information in context, in real time and without any delay, available from anywhere.
  • Effective work with data from ABRA Gen and other sources.


Precise protection (not only) of personal data

Do you need effective privacy protection that meets not only GDPR requirements?

Take advantage of:

  • Information about which data will need to be secured and how.
  • Advanced data protection under the new legislation.
  • Records of all legal titles to preserving and processing of personal data.
  • Generating the documets reqired by the law and possibility to delete the data.


Technology in Industry 4.0

Do you need to make a better use of financial resources and human work?

Take advantage of:

  • Simulation of the entire production preocesses in a virtual environment
  • Modern technologies in manufacturing processes connected by the core ABRA Gen ERP system .
  • Testing environment for Industry 4.0, optimalization of operations and procedures – you will save both time and costs in the production.


ABRA Gen online

Do you mind that servers cost a lot of money, get quickly out of date and downtime of servers threatens the operation of the whole company?

Take advantage of:

  • Fully optimized, always upgraded cloud for ABRA Gen operation.
  • Data securing, minimalization of time, costs and concerns.