Importing documents from XML

Load documents into the system smartly.

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The solution will ensure that a new document is imported from a file in a defined XML format. The solution is suitable, for example, for importing documents from other information systems (or eShops) if the other communication party is able to adapt to the specified XML format. Import supports all types of rows (text, stock), including individual evaluations or standard IS ABRA pricing. It is possible to import both domestic and foreign documents.

When importing a document, it is possible to define how a company is defined in the ABRA IS codebook. If a business cannot be found, a new company will be created and will be used in the document. One XML file may contain multiple documents to be imported (at the same time it may contain multiple issued invoices and received orders). Before importing the document, it is possible to check whether the imported document on the ABRA IS agenda does not exist already (so that there is no re-import). The exchange rate is always filled in based on the ABRA IS exchange rate list. The solution allows data to be imported on demand by the operator or automatically – so the operator only sees that documents are being added to the agenda.

From the user’s point of view (running on-demand import by the operator):

The user enters the ABRA IS document agenda, presses the “Import from XML” button on the document list tab, opens a dialog with the option to input an XML file. After selecting the file and pressing the OK button, new documents will be created.

Supported documents (can be imported using the solution):

  • Invoice issued
  • Invoice received
  • Order received
  • Cash receipt and issue
  • Internal Document
  • and other common primary documents

The solution can also be used in a version where input files are not stored and processed from a computer disk, but the data is automatically received and the documents are created in Web service mode.

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