Web document approvals

Approve all invoices, orders and other documents online.

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The Web document approval is a definable web portal available from any device (PC / laptop, tablet, phone) connected to the Internet. Using a web browser, it offers the user not only an overview of the documents that require approval, but also the history of documents approved or rejected by the user. Web document approvals follow up on the configuration of approval processes and user privileges set up in the ABRA Gen environment.

Modules currently in preparation

  • Approving received invoices and deposit documents
  • Approving issued invoices and backup documents
  • Approving issued orders
  • Approving received orders
  • Approving internal documents
  • Approving incoming mail

In the area of ​​issued orders, the creation of a document is supported directly through the web portal. This property can be used, for example, to execute a service order. Users can print the order after approval from the portal. For each order, the user can also check the billing status to see whether the order has been received or whether it was paid, so they do not need to disturb the accountants.

In the area of invoices received, the approbatory may, in special cases, divide the invoiced amount among the usual ABRA Gen dimensions of the types: center, contract, project, or business case with respect to the total amount. The assignation of the approbatory according to chosen dimensions is a matter of course.

Other Web approval features include

  • Periodic email alerts to approbatories with a list of documents pending approval with a link to a web site approval
  • Escalatory weekly report with delayed approval (for example, more than 48h without response)
  • Attach an attachment to a document from a web app, add a comment with an email to colleagues </ li>
  • Highlighting of problematic documents, saved filters, fulltext
  • PDF or image attachments preview directly when approving content.
  • Authorization for subordinates for supervisors, bulk approval for selected users.
  • Tailor-made customer customizability as part of implementation.
  • System language mutations.
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I’m interested in demonstrating the add-on Web document approvals

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